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  • Soybean, A Native plant of Central China and has been Cultivated and Consumed for   last 5000 Years .
  • During the Chou Dynasty (1134- 246 BC ) in China Soybean was Designated as one of the five sacred grains along with barley, wheat, millet and rice
  • There is evidence of soybean cultivation in Korea as early as 900 BC
  • Tofu (soya paneer) was accidentally-born in CHINA around 200 BC
  • Soybean was introduced into other countries during the Second would war, It was recognised as excellent substitute for other protein food 
  • Mahatma Gandhi introduced Soybean use in India in 1935 in the form of cooked whole or split bean
  • Soya products have been around in India for almost 30 years, But consumption of these products never took off well in the market till recently